Sentence Examples

  • In New Hampshire, I watched as another tried to mimic me and failed while no one even knew I was nearby.
  • (Mimic Beetle).
  • Diptera in general are not remarkable for brilliancy of coloration; as a rule they are dull and inconspicuous in hue, the prevailing bodytints being browns and greys; occasionally, however, more especially in species (Syrphidae) that mimic Hymenoptera, the body is conspicuously banded with yellow; a few are metallic, such as the species of Formosia, found in the islands of the East Indian Archipelago, which are among the most brilliant of all insects.
  • Tradition ascribes the origin of the drama to a religious dance of a panto- Th D mimic character, called Kagura and associated with C raffia.
  • Among flowers the orchids, with all their fantastic extravagance and mimic imitations of birds and insects, are especially prolific in examples of symmetrical effects without any repetition of similar parts or divisions into even numbers.

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