Sentence Examples

  • Did the comedian have any trepidation about taking such a step?
  • Adam Sandler – Largely known as a comedian but also branching out occasionally into dramatic roles in his movies, Sandler is not only a registered Republican, but also contributed to Rudy Giuliani's failed presidential campaign.
  • With her two Emmys you would think that her climb to the top of the Hollywood ladder would be over, but at the same time, it was that climb and being on the self-imposed Hollywood "D" list that garner the comedian so much success.
  • Comedian Ian Coburn, author of God is a Woman: Dating Disasters, was kind enough to entertain LoveToKnow with an interview on lingerie, himself, and provide a bit of useful but fun advice on lingerie.
  • This follow-up to box office blockbuster Jurassic Park grossed over $600 million world wide and catapulted Vince Vaughn's career from a very talented comedian to a very bankable, very talented actor.