Sentence Examples

  • The Magdalene grotto, about an hour's walk to the north, is celebrated for the extraordinary subterranean amphibian, the proteus anguinus, first discovered there.
  • The two joints of the thumb, for example, are homogenous throughout the whole series of the pentadactylate, or five-fingered animals, from the most primitive amphibian to man.
  • On the other hand, Huxley's summation of the primitive characters of all the mammals led him to an amphibian stem type, a prophecy which has proved faulty because based on erroneous analysis and comparison.
  • The " carrier " of a Trypanosome of warmblooded vertebrates is, in all instances so far described, an insect, generally a member of the Diptera; in the case of parasites of cold-blooded vertebrates the same role is usually played by an ichthyobdellid leech (piscine forms), but possibly, now and again, by an Ixodes (amphibian or reptilian forms).
  • In addition, there are two or three obervations to hand which shew that piscine, amphibian and mammalian Trypanosomes may also become attached.

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