Sentence Examples

  • PROTEUS, in Greek mythology, a prophetic old man of the sea.
  • Three blind cave-forms are known: one terrestrial - T y phlotriton, from North America, and two perennibranchiate - Proteus in Europe and Typhlomolge in North America.
  • Like Proteus, he had the power of assuming any shape he pleased, which enabled him to win the love of Pomona.
  • The story ran that both Zeus and Poseidon had sought her hand, but, Themis (or Prometheus or Proteus) having warned the former that a son of Thetis by Zeus would prove mightier than his father, the gods decided to marry her to Peleus.
  • - A plate-culture colony of a in more complex multispecies of Bacillus - Proteus (Hauser) cellular organisms. To - on the fifth day.

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