Sentence Examples

  • She ignored Ashley's protests and led her cousin away from the bookstore.
  • We saw the results of this in the 2009 Iranian protests, when these devices captured and relayed powerful, real-time images of events.
  • A partisan of French methods, Moratin published in 1762 his Desengano al teatro espanol, a severe criticism of the national drama, particularly of the auto sacramental; and his protests were partly responsible for the prohibition of autos three years afterwards (June 1765).
  • These affirmations provoked very keen protests in the ecclesiastical world.
  • Rhyn left the cell block to Toby's protests and walked with Gabe through the antechamber and into the hallway on the other side.  Gabe's gaze was dark, his air brooding.  Rhyn opened a portal, and they crossed through to Gabe's cabin in the underworld.