Sentence Examples

  • Katie almost protested his abrupt dismissal then rolled so her back was to the fire.  Something was really off about Gabe.  She fingered the gems on the new necklace.
  • From what has before been said of his works it may be gathered that, while professedly basing his systematic arrangement of the groups of birds on their external features, he had hitherto striven to make his schemes harmonize if possible with the dictates of internal structure as evinced by the science of anatomy, though he uniformly and persistently protested against the inside being better than the outside.
  • Carnot alone in the tribunate protested against the measure.
  • He strongly advocated the secession of the southern states; signed the South Carolina ordinance of secession; protested against Major Robert Anderson's removal from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter; sanctioned the firing upon the "Star of the West" (Jan.
  • Among other works written during Turgot's intendancy were the Memoire sur les mines et carrieres, and the Memoire sur la marque des fers, in which he protested against state regulation and interference and advocated free competition.

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