Sentence Examples

  • There were bound to be times when she disagreed, but she had to have enough faith in him to let him make the decision.
  • Why did he do that every time he disagreed with her?
  • Still, it wasn't the first time they had vehemently disagreed on something.
  • They disagreed, and sometimes they even spent a few days not talking to each other, but they always worked things out.
  • Taylor's theology was distinctively infra-lapsarian; it disagreed with Samuel Hopkins and Emmons in rejecting the theory of "divine efficiency" and in arguing that man can choose the right "even if he won't" - distinguishing like Edwards between natural ability and moral inability; it distinguished sensibility or susceptibility as something different from will or understanding, without moral qualities, to which the appeal for right choice may be made; and it made selflove (a term borrowed from Dugald Stewart, connoting the innocent love of happiness and distinct from selfishness) the particular feeling appealed to by the influences of the law and gospel.

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