Sentence Examples

  • The legendary tradition which even Philo accepts gives it a formal nativity, a royal patron and inspired authors.
  • He accepts the ontological argument with a.
  • CHRISTIANITY, the religion which accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, embracing all who profess and call themselves Christians, the term derived from his formal title (xpurrOs, i.e.
  • He accepts an ultimate antinomy as to the finiteness or infinity of " the unconditioned," yet applies the law of the excluded middle to insist that one of the two alternatives must be true, wherefore we must make the choice.
  • "It is no answer," said Lord Halsbury, "to say that by the ordinary principles of international law private property is respected by the sovereign which accepts the cession and assumes the duties and legal obligations of the former sovereign with respect to such private property within the ceded territory.

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