Sentence Examples

  • And the Comedic francaise having all borne part therein.
  • At Clermont Conti had been a fellow student of Moliere's for whom he secured an introduction to the court of Louis XIV., but afterwards, when writing a treatise against the stage entitled Traite de la comedic et des spectacles scion les traditions de l'Eglise (Paris, 1667), he charged the dramatist with keeping a school of atheism.
  • Early in 1531 he lectured publicly on Galen and Hippocrates, while his more serious pursuits seem to have been chequered by acting in a morale comedic, then a very frequent university amusement.
  • The prose comedy, El Café ó la comedic nueva, given at the same theatre six years afterwards, at once became popular.
  • In French he published Des conditions de la bonne comedic (1863), La Prusse contemporaine (1867), Etudes italiennes (1868), and a translation of O.