Sentence Examples

  • You may not always hear, "Can you hear me now?" anymore, but you will hear the comedic touch and practical information that make Verizon commercials some of the most enjoyable to watch.
  • He was a member of the college soccer team, where an annual award called the "Leibo" is given to the team member who shows the most personal growth and adds comedic value to the team.
  • They often evoke comparisons to Mutt and Jeff, or Laurel and Hardy, and indeed, one of their main dramatic functions, when not delivering encoded messages, is to provide comedic relief.
  • Soccus were worn by comedic actors during Roman times, but the true origins of this form of footwear date back to more primitive times in which animal skins and matted animal hair were used to cover the feet.
  • And the Comedic francaise having all borne part therein.