Sentence Examples

  • In fact, I think one of the reasons that turkey became the go-to bird for Thanksgiving is that once you have the turkey cooking, you have a good two hours to get all the other food made while the turkey basically cooks itself.
  • More TV soundtrack success followed, and Radin soon became a go-to artist for TV music supervisors looking for tracks for their shows -- two notable inclusions being Fox's North Shore and the ever popular Grey's Anatomy.
  • Calvin Klein model, soap star and Lifetime Movie Network go-to guy Antonio Sabato, Jr. joins the ever-growing line of slightly past their prime celebrities to look for love on VH1 with his show My Antonio.
  • The song also helped cement composer John Williams' reputation as the go-to man in Hollywood for killer movie theme songs that are sure to stay with the audience long after the credits have rolled.
  • Step back from your go-to wardrobe and start expanding your style, and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to accent your wardrobe from head to toe with a sweeping, romantic jacket and a dress.