To Definition

to͝o; tə when unstressed
In the direction of; toward.
A turn to the left, traveling to Pittsburgh.
Webster's New World
Turned to me.
American Heritage
In the direction of and reaching.
He went to Boston; it fell to the ground.
Webster's New World
As far as; to the extent of.
Wet to the skin, starved to death.
Webster's New World
Toward or into the condition of.
To grow to manhood, a rise to fame.
Webster's New World
In one direction; toward a person or thing.
Owls with feathers wrong end to.
American Heritage
His hat is on wrong side to.
Webster's New World
In the normal or desired direction, position, or condition; esp., shut or closed.
The door was blown to.
Webster's New World
Into a state of consciousness.
The boxer came to.
Webster's New World
Into a state of action or attentiveness.
Sat down for lunch and fell to.
American Heritage
Webster's New World

The ccTLD for Tonga as assigned by the IANA.

Completely, entirely, severely.
To-broken means “broken to pieces”
Webster's New World

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Origin of To

  • Middle English from Old English de- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • ME < OE, akin to Ger zer-, L dis-: see dis-

    From Webster's New World College Dictionary, 5th Edition