Sentence Examples

  • It amounts toa new and unprecedented factor in organic development, external to the organism and yet produced by the activity of the organism upon which it permanently reacts.
  • Or because of the proportionality of the sides of triangles to the sines of the opposite angles, sin TOB: sin TOA: sin AOB:: a: ~: y, (8 A~
  • From 1770 onwards lived side by side with this king, rather than at his side, the archduchess Marie Antoinette of Austria one of the very graceful and very frivolous women Ma,* who were to be found at Versailles, opening to life A~7,i,toa like the flowers she so much loved, enamoured of pleasure and luxury, delighting to free herself from the formalities of court life, and mingling in the amusements of society; lovable and loving, without ceasing to be virtuous.