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  • In Borneo the Hoinopteron Issus bruchoides mimics a species of Curculionid beetle of the genus Alcides.
  • Thus the collective fauna of ancient South America mimics the independently evolved collective fauna of North America, the collective fauna of modern Australia mimics the collective fauna of the Lower Eocene of North America.
  • A specimen of another butterfly (Precis sesamus) which mimics the Acraea was then offered in the same manner.
  • Another species of this group, the black cuckoo of India, apparently mimics the black drongo-shrike (Dicrurus ater), the resemblance between the two species being very close.
  • In the same island a species of Gryllacris mimics Pheropsophus aquatus, a " Bombardier " beetle which ejects a puff of volatile formic acid when attacked; and Condylodera tricondyloides mimics different species of tiger-beetles (Cicindelidae) at different stages of its growth.

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