Sentence Examples

  • Finally, although in the sanctuary of Aesculapius healing came directly or indirectly as the patients dreamed, it appears from the burlesque of Aristophanes (Plutus, 653 sqq.) that they first bathed in the sacred spring.
  • A limerick is a kind of burlesque epigram, written in five lines.
  • "Now you're going to blame my cooking," she said with burlesque severity that made him smile.
  • The burlesque drama assigned to Christian Hansen, The Faithless Wife, is the only one of its kind that has survived.
  • In 1673 a decree of the parlement against Cartesian and other unlicensed theories was on the point of being issued, and was only checked in[time by the appearance of a burlesque mandamus against the intruder Reason, composed by Boileau and some of his brother-poets.