Sentence Examples

  • At a more informal or rustic wedding, chairs can be covered in burlap sacks and tied with raffia.
  • You will need to cover the entire planter with burlap, wrapping it securely around the planter itself, and adding a layer of heavy-duty plastic or a plastic tarp over the entire terra cotta or stone surface.
  • Natural wood, woven baskets, burlap sacks, fabrics such as cotton and jute - these natural, organic materials are a part of any safari and translate well into the home.
  • Bare root means the plant is not in any sort of container and the roots are exposed, while a balled and burlapped tree has its roots in a soil-filled burlap sack.
  • For example, you could apply a brick, canvas, burlap, or sandstone texture to a design to give your paper added depth and dimension.