Sentence Examples

  • In 1878, at Bristol, the special awards were all for dairy appliances -milk-can for conveying milk long distances, churn for milk, churn for cream, butter-worker for large dairies, butterworker for small dairies, cheese-tub, curd knife, curd mill, cheese-turning apparatus, automatic means of preventing rising of cream, milk-cooler and cooling vat.
  • On the Avon in Wiltshire and the Churn in Gloucestershire they may be traced back to Roman times.
  • Trans.,1897, P. 381) Determined The Mechanical Equivalent Of The Mean Thermal Unit Between O° And Ioo° C., On A Very Large Scale, With A Froude Reynolds Hydraulic Brake And A Steam Engine Of Ioo H.P. This Brake Is Practically A Joule Calorimeter, Ingeniously Designed To Churn The Water In Such A Manner As To Develop The Greatest Possible Resistance.
  • The machines again churn on the data and reveal that it is effective when a person has a certain common, though not universal, genetic marker.
  • There are Congressional records, hearings, court rulings, patent applications, declassified intelligence reports, and the copious regulations that government agencies churn out.

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