Sentence Examples

  • As Maxis continues to churn out world-class simulation PC games, we can fully expect to get more Maxis game cheats to enjoy as well.
  • Her struggles with relationships, her children, and her personal well-being have been well documented, but Britney Spears continues to churn out high-quality pop music that her fans adore.
  • You aren't just looking at New Balance shoes for the label, but for the superior craftsmanship this brand continues to churn out each season.
  • Most community colleges offer art classes in stained glass techniques that you can take for a very small fee that will teach you the basics you need to churn out your own personalized lamp shade designs.
  • Stewart was now a household name and continued to churn out books, prime time television specials and a whirlwind of appearances on talk shows, news programs and even sitcoms and movies.