Sentence Examples

  • Assuming this result to hold generally, we should have S=0.306 at o° C., which agrees with Rankine's view; but increasing very rapidly at higher temperatures to S =1.043 at 200° C., and 1.315 at 220° C. The characteristic equation, if SQ = constant, would be of the form (v+SQ) = Roil ', which does not agree with the well-known behaviour of other gases and vapours.
  • Besides several political pamphlets, Gregoire was the author of Histoire des sectes religieuses, depuis le commencement du siecle dernier jusqu'i l'epoque actuelle (2 vols., 1810); Essai historique sur les libertes de l'eglise gallicane (1818); De l'influence du Christianisme sur la condition des femmes (1821); Histoire des confesseurs des empereurs, des roil, et d'autres princes (1824); Histoire du mariage des pretres en France (1826).
  • The more fragmentary recension gives the history of the childhood from the 5th to the 8th year, and is entitled LGyypa j sa roil) e yiov arov76Xov 7rEpi Tijs 7racScKCis avaUTpocbC7s Tou Kvpiov (Tischendorf, op. cit.