Sentence Examples

  • It extended the meaning of the term " railroad " to include switches, spurs and terminal facilities, and the term " transportation " to include private cars, and all collateral services, such as refrigeration, elevation and storage.
  • Suppose the switches to be adjusted so that the effective number of turns in the variable coil is loo; the magnetizing forces in the two coils will then be equal, and if the test rod is of the same quality as the standard, the flow of induction will be confined entirely to the iron circuit, the two yokes will be at the same magnetic potential, and the compass needle will not be affected.
  • Switches for turnouts and branches, &c., are similar to but simpler than those for railways.
  • After examining the various dials and switches on Quinn's machines, I had a fairly clear idea of each; I could turn it on and increase and decrease the settings.
  • He jumped to his feet flipping light switches and stumbling through both rooms, barely seeing still-sleeping Cynthia through eyes pinched nearly closed against the intrusive brightness.