Sentence Examples

  • She trades a bladder of the Springs to the northern clans to assure their allegiance.
  • You're lucky you know a vampire who trades blood for keeping you alive.
  • 13, 19, Javan trades with Tyre in slaves, bronze-work, iron and drugs.
  • The principal classes of products affected are foods, wearing apparel, building materials, furniture, &c., chemical products, printing and allied trades, and sundry others, such as cigars, matches, tanning, paints, &c. In some manufactures the raw material is imported partly manufactured, such as thread for weaving.
  • Leather.Tanning and leather-dressing are widely spread industries, and the same may be said of the manufacture of boots and shoes, though these trades employ more hands in the department of Seine than elsewhere; in the manufacture of gloves Isre (Grenoble) and Aveyron (Millau) hold the first place amongst French departments.

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