Sentence Examples

  • With this broader and more accurate knowledge of the conditions of the health of the circulation a corresponding efficiency has been gained in the manipulation of certain remedies and new methods of treatment of heart diseases, especially by baths and exercises.
  • He didn't sense the Original Other until within range of his mind manipulation power.
  • The shape which the molten metal under treatment has in the Kjellin furnace, a thin ring of large diameter, is evidently bad, inconvenient for manipulation and with excessive heat-radiating surface.
  • 2 All the laborious manipulation recorded in Boyle's New Experiments touching the Spring of the Air (1660),(1660), which Hobbes chose, without the least warrant, to take as the manifesto of the new " academicians," seemed to him only to confirm the conclusions he had reasoned out years before from speculative principles, and he warned them that if they were not content to begin where he had left off their work would come to nought.
  • The conservative tendencies of the Chinese people have prevented them adopting the modern methods of extensive cultivation based on scientific principles, and the manipulation of crops by machinery in place of hand labour.

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