Sentence Examples

  • Regist?ation (enregistrement) duties are charged on the transfer of property in the way of business (fi titre onreux); on changes in ownership effected in the way of donation or succession (a litre gratuit), and 011 a variety of other transactions which must be registered according to law.
  • Complete sexual differenti- C, Fusion of the germ nuclei in the ation the egg-cell is quies- egg-cell.
  • Ation of (l Al l h2 1 A3 ...) of specification (m"lmH2m"...), and the sum is for all such separations.
  • Which completely determines the path except as to its orient ation with respect to 0.
  • From its axis (0), if the radius of gyration about a longitudinal axis through G, aiid 0 the inclin - ation of OG to the vertical, FIG.