Sentence Examples

  • And hence I found the required area of the circular segment 2 x3 A x5 il-A to be x - 5 - 7, &c. And in the same manner might be 3 produced the interpolated areas of other curves; as also the area of the hyperbola and the other alternates in this series (1 - (i+xx) 1, (1 --xx) I, &c....
  • Ancient myths are admitted without undergoing analysis; the most naïve realism alternates with daring efforts at spiritualizing.
  • In the Marquette district of Michigan (Lake Superior) schistose specular ore occurs in important deposits, associated with a jasper rock, in which the ore alternates with bands of red quartzite.
  • - The Rumanian climate alternates between extreme cold in winter, when the thermometer may fall to-20° Fahrenheit and extreme heat in summer, when it may rise to ioo° in the shade.
  • (2) With very few exceptions, the polyp is not the only type of individual that occurs, but alternates in the life-cycle of a given species, with a distinct type, the medusa, while in other cases the polyp-stage may be absent altogether, so that only medusa-individuals occur in the life-cycle.