Sentence Examples

  • - The Rumanian climate alternates between extreme cold in winter, when the thermometer may fall to-20° Fahrenheit and extreme heat in summer, when it may rise to ioo° in the shade.
  • Ancient myths are admitted without undergoing analysis; the most naïve realism alternates with daring efforts at spiritualizing.
  • And hence I found the required area of the circular segment 2 x3 A x5 il-A to be x - 5 - 7, &c. And in the same manner might be 3 produced the interpolated areas of other curves; as also the area of the hyperbola and the other alternates in this series (1 - (i+xx) 1, (1 --xx) I, &c....
  • The stigma alternates with the dissepiments of a syncarpous pistil, or, in other words, corresponds with the back of the loculaments; but in some cases it would appear that half the stigma of one carpel unites with half that of the contiguous carpel, and thus the stigma is opposite the dissepiments, that is, alternates with the loculaments, as in the poppy.
  • The northern portion is generally level; the soil is of indifferent quality, strong and marly in a few places, but rocky in all the valleys of the Sierra de Avila; and the climate alternates from severe cold in winter to extreme heat in summer.

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