Sentence Examples

  • He inserts in the primary circuit of the alternating FIG.
  • Hence, when the coil at one fixed station was in action it generated high frequency alternating currents, which were propagated across the air gap between the ordinary telegraph wires and the metallic surfaces attached to one secondary terminal of the induction coil, and conveyed along the ordinary telegraph wires between station and moving train.
  • The coast-line consists of a succession of great promontories alternating with deep inlets.
  • 31 have felsitic bands alternating with others which are purely glassy.
  • If the current is interrupted or alternating, and if a telephone receiver has its terminals connected to a separate metallic circuit joined by earth plates at two other places to the earth, not on the same equipotential surface of the first circuit, sounds will be heard in the telephone due to a current passing through it.

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