Sentence Examples

  • I thought about substituting her birth control pills with something.
  • (I I) On substituting from equations (7) and (8), this expression assumes the forms p =(v+7/±...) /2h _ (v -F v' -{-.
  • If p is the density corresponding to pressure p, we find that,}, formula (Ii) assumes the form P = 3PC2, where C is a velocity such that the gas would have its actual translational energy if each molecule moved with the same velocity C. By substituting experimentally determined pairs of values of p and p we can calculate C for different gases, and so obtain a knowledge of the magnitudes of the molecular velocities.
  • His reading in Livy taught him to admire the Roman system of employing armies raised from the body of the citizens; and Cesare Borgia's method of gradually substituting the troops of his own duchy for aliens and mercenaries showed him that this plan might be adopted with success by the Italians.
  • Substituting this value in the expression for v, the volume of the body inserted in the cup becomes known.

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