Sentence Examples

  • I thought about substituting her birth control pills with something.
  • Substituting one hydroxyl group into each of these residues, we obtain radicals of the type - CH 2.
  • (I I) On substituting from equations (7) and (8), this expression assumes the forms p =(v+7/±...) /2h _ (v -F v' -{-.
  • Internally Charles left the affairs of the Italian kingdom much as he found them, except that he appears to have pursued the policy of breaking up the larger fiefs of the Lombards, substituting counts for their dukes, and adding to the privileges of the bishops.
  • It should also here be noticed that the changes introduced into the holding of the fiefs, whether by altering their boundaries or substituting Frankish for Lombard vassals, were chief among the causes why the feudal system took no permanent hold in Italy.