Quotation Marks Worksheets for Student Practice (Free Printables)

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Updated May 11, 2021
students working on quotation marks worksheets
    students working on quotation marks worksheets
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We've all seen a quotation mark. It's the double apostrophe in front of dialogue ("). However, quotation marks do more than just set off dialogue. They can also set off words in text or set off titles. Get a clear definition and quotation marks worksheets that will help you use quotation marks in your writing.

What Are Quotation Marks?

While you might think that quotation marks are just used for dialogue, you would be wrong. Quotation marks are punctuation marks used within a sentence to set information or dialogue apart from the rest of the sentence.

Quotation marks:

  • set off songs, books, poems, and TV shows

  • highlight dialogue

  • set off particular words or phrases

  • quote someone else’s words in professional writing

Learning how to use quotation marks correctly in sentences can be hard. This is where quotation marks worksheets can help. Look for dialogue worksheets and quotation marks practice pages that incorporate all the uses of quotation marks.


Using Quotation Marks Correctly Worksheet

When it comes to quotation marks, 2nd and 3rd grade students are just beginning their adventure into the world of writing. Not only are they still adapting to sentence structure and parts of speech, but they're also learning when and how to use quotation marks. This introductory worksheet helps them see how quotation marks are used both incorrectly and correctly.

Using Quotation Marks Printable PDF

For this worksheet, students will draw a star next to the correct sentences. They should also attempt to correct the incorrect sentences on the worksheet.

elementary using quotation marks correctly worksheet

Elementary using quotation marks correctly

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Correct It: Quotation Marks Worksheet

Students in 5th and 6th grade know the basics of quotation marks. However, they are getting further into academic writing. They need to know how to use quotation marks in citations and quotes within their work.


Correct It: Quotation Marks Downloadable PDF

This free downloadable PDF allows upper elementary students to practice putting quotation marks around quoted material and citations.

higher elementary correct it! quotation marks worksheet

Higher elementary correct it quotation marks

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Using Quotation Mark Worksheets

So, you have the worksheets, but how do you use them? They are great for extra practice or even mastering a new topic. Learn a few ways these worksheets can be beneficial to your curriculum.

  • Print off quotation mark worksheets to have as fillers during downtime.
  • Use the worksheets as a way to gain access to recess or another treat.
  • Make the worksheets part of an overall game on quotation marks mastery by timing students. The first to get all the quotation marks in the correct areas wins.
  • Allow the students to work in pairs on the quotation marks worksheets. Challenge them to create sentences of their own using quotation marks.
  • Work through the sentences or paragraphs together as a class while students follow along on their worksheets.
  • Incorporate the worksheet into a lesson on quotation marks.
  • Have these worksheets on hand for substitute teachers as an easy addition to a lesson plan.

Practice Using Quotation Marks

Free worksheets can be the best thing on the planet when you are a substitute teacher or just need a little filler in your classroom. They are informational but can be fun for students too. Interested in finding more worksheets for your classroom? Try this commonly confused words worksheet.