Sentence Examples

  • After evaluating the drawings of your faucet, you may decide to stay with your present manufacturer, or even just repair the faucet you have by swapping out parts or components to fix a leak or improve the fixture's cosmetic appeal.
  • Season 5, Project DNA - DNA stood for "Do Not Assume," but was also reflected in the contestant pool when a set of identical twins, Natalie and Adria, competed as one player, swapping out for one another during the game.
  • However, soon enough, DS owners were less concerned with the swapping and losing of game cartridges and became more interested in their newfound ability to upload music, videos, and all sorts of multimedia files.
  • Grilling your own hamburgers and hot dogs can help save a ton of money and you can have fun in the process by swapping stories with fellow travelers who are also making pit stops on the side of the highway.
  • Swapping full-calorie soda for the calorie-free diet variety is a good step in the right direction, but if you're eating twice as many low-fat chips as you would full-fat chips, you've lost the benefit.