20 Words That Rhyme With Love (Plus Near Rhymes)

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Updated February 11, 2021
words that rhyme with love
    words that rhyme with love
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Whether you are writing a song or creating a poem, knowing words that rhyme with love can make your creative thought process smoother, especially for a love poem. Learn 20 words that rhyme with love along with a few near rhymes. Explore rhymes for synonyms of love as well.

Words That Rhyme With Love Perfectly

Love is a hard word to find a rhyme for. Therefore, there aren’t that many words out there that are perfect end rhymes for love. However, you can find a few. Explore perfect rhymes for the word love and their meanings.

  • above (prep.) - higher up, unable to touch
  • belove (v.) - to love
  • dove (n.) - bird used to symbolize love
  • glove (n.) - hand covering
  • hereof (adv.) - of the thing or a document
  • of (prep.) - expressing a relationship between something
  • thereof (adv.) - of that; something mentioned
  • shove (v.) - to push roughly
  • whereof (adv.) - of which or what

Near Rhymes of the Word Love

It can be equally hard to find words considered near rhymes to love but they are out there. Near rhymes include slant rhymes and imperfect rhymes for love. A few near rhymes you might try include:

  • behave (v.) - to act well or how one is expected
  • brave (v.) - to face unpleasantness without fear
  • cove (n.) - small shelter
  • enough (pron.) - as many as required
  • gave (v.) - past tense of give; hand over to someone freely
  • give (v.) - provide freely to others
  • grieve (v.) - suffer
  • have (v.) - hold or own
  • leave (v.) - go away
  • live (v.) - alive; residence
  • prove (v.) - demonstrate or show

Rhyming Phrases to Use With Love

Rather than just having one word to rhyme with love, a rhyming phrase might make more sense for your poem or work. Give these rhyming phrases a try if you are coming up short in your rhyming game.

  • all the above
  • by means of
  • consideration of
  • dream of
  • fit like a glove
  • fond of
  • get the feeling of
  • heart to belove
  • honor of
  • in awe of
  • memory of
  • the makings of
  • you’re all I think of

Words That Rhyme With Synonyms for Love

If you’re finding it much too hard to find a way to rhyme with love, then you can try finding rhyming words for love synonyms. This can make your quest for the perfect rhyme a bit easier.

Words That Rhyme With Affection

Consider swapping the word love for affection in your poem. In that case, you could try these different rhyme words.

  • collection
  • complexion
  • connection
  • dejection
  • dimension
  • expression
  • intention
  • mention
  • objection
  • question
  • reflection
  • section
  • selection

Words That Rhyme With Devotion

Devotion might not have the same punch as love in your writing but it can make for some fun rhymes. Try using these rhymes for devotion to wordsmith your piece.

  • commotion
  • emotion
  • explosion
  • lotion
  • motion
  • ocean
  • potion

Words That Rhyme With Infatuation

Can you swap the word love for infatuation? If so, then you can give these rhymes for infatuation a try.

  • adoration
  • creation
  • decoration
  • donation
  • duration
  • education
  • fixation
  • foundation
  • location
  • mutation
  • sensation
  • temptation
  • vexation

Finding the Perfect Rhyme for Love

When you are creating a love poem or honoring someone you care about, it’s important to find the perfect word to create your rhyming composition. Whether you choose a word that is a direct rhyme with love, a slant rhyme or go with a different word altogether, remember to have fun with it. Keep your rhyme game strong by looking at terms for things you love, like words that rhyme with family. You might also explore terms related to how you look when you're in love, such as words that rhyme with smile.