67 Words That Rhyme With Family

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Updated October 30, 2020
Large multigenerational family portrait
    Large multigenerational family portrait
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It can be a challenge to find words that rhyme with “family,” even though this word represents one of the most important values for many people. Whether you’re writing a poem, composing a song, or simply having fun, these “family” rhymes will make it easier. Most are approximate or slant rhymes, and you’ll also find two-word rhymes and names that rhyme with “family.” Have fun creating your own “family” poems and songs with these rhyming ideas.

Exact Rhymes for “Family”

There aren’t many words that rhyme with “family” perfectly, but if you need an exact rhyme, one of these may work:

  • clammily
  • hammily
  • multi-family
  • pro-family

Slant Rhymes for “Family”

Slant rhymes, or approximate rhymes, give you more flexibility. They sound very similar to the actual word, but they aren’t exactly the same. Certain words, like “family,” are especially hard to rhyme, and that makes slant rhymes like these great options:

  • academy
  • actually
  • agony
  • analogy
  • anatomy
  • anomaly
  • botanically
  • calamity
  • cannery
  • cannily
  • canopy
  • cavalry
  • cavity
  • circumstantially
  • creamily
  • examinee
  • faculty
  • fantasy
  • financially
  • frantically
  • gravelly
  • gravity
  • handily
  • happily
  • hospitality
  • insanity
  • internationally
  • irrationally
  • lazily
  • manatee
  • manfully
  • mannerly
  • mentally
  • morality
  • nationally
  • naturally
  • neonatally
  • patchouli
  • profanity
  • rationally
  • reality
  • sanity
  • scantily
  • shabbily
  • shakily
  • substantially
  • tannery
  • tragedy
  • uncannily
  • unhappily
  • unmannerly
  • vanity

Two-Word Rhymes

Since there aren’t many exact rhymes that are a single word, you can also try two-word rhymes like these. Most are still slant rhymes, but they may offer a closer approximation to “family.” Since a two-word rhyme may be unexpected, this is a great way to add humor to a poem. Try these options or come up with more of your own:

  • am chilly
  • am silly
  • Gram’s chili
  • ham chili
  • lamb chili
  • slam silly

Name Rhymes

Some names sound similar to the word “family” and offer an approximate rhyme. These can be a good choice if you’re naming a character and need it to rhyme with “family.” They are also perfect if you know someone who has one of these names and are writing a poem about him or her.

  • Amelie
  • Anna Lee
  • Hannah Lee
  • Nathalie
  • Sam McGee

More Options for Special Poetry

Now that you know how to rhyme with “family,” take a look at some of the great words that rhyme with “friend.” You’ll find there are many perfect rhyme options.

If you’re still struggling with words that rhyme with “family,” you can also try different forms of poetry that don’t require a rhyme scheme. No matter what you decide to do, there are lots of ways to show your love in a special poem about those who are most important to you.