Sentence Examples

  • For example, during the baby swap storyline on Y&R between Sharon and Ashley, numerous preview and update articles detailed the history behind the swap, Adam's role and the speculation on when Sharon would learn the truth.
  • Limewire, a popular P2P file sharing network, is being sued for millions by record labels who charge that Limewire's executives are committing copyright infringement by providing the software which allows people to swap songs online.
  • Most of the cheat codes mentioned in this article are for the Xbox 360, but the codes should work on the PlayStation 2 version as well; just swap out the Xbox 360 buttons for the corresponding buttons on the PS2 controller.
  • If one of the two balls swapped ends up in a vertical or diagonal row of three or more balls of the same color, the balls swap positions and the row of three or more bounces off the board, to be replaced by new balls at the top.
  • The boys had been playing switch and swap every time it suited their fancy since they had shared a crib.