Sentence Examples

  • The conversation turned back to the substitution of the skeleton and the theft of the small bone from their room.
  • CH(CH 3) CH 3, isobutane, substitution occurring at the medial atom.
  • The agitation for the completely separate organization of the Hungarian army, and for the substitution of Magyar for German in words of command in Hungarian regiments, broke down the patience of the emperor, tenacious of his pr.~rogative as supreme war lord of the common aIlny.
  • Another reform was the substitution for the corvee of a tax in money levied on the whole province, the construction of roads being handed over to contractors, by which means Turgot was able to leave his province with a good system of roads, while distributing more justly the expense of their construction.
  • Accordingly Keates proposed the substitution of a closed cup in 1871, but his suggestions were not adopted.