Sentence Examples

  • This permutation by a transposition of two numbers, say a, 13, becomes 0, a, 7, ...
  • A and 13 are transposed, and it is clear that the number of transpositions necessary to convert the permutation say...v of the second suffixes to the natural order is changed by unity.
  • By this permutation, Aleph, the first letter of the alphabet, becomes Lamed, the twelfth letter; Beth becomes Mem, and so on.
  • V, and by successively transposing pairs of letters the permutation can be reduced to the form I, 2, 3, ..
  • -2 _ ab 2an-2bn-2Crz z x () x x x, Each term on the right-hand side may be shown by permutation of a, b, c to be the symbolical representation of the same covariant; they are equivalent symbolic products, and we may accordingly write 2(ac) (bc)ai -1 bi -1 cx 2 =(ab)2a:-2b:-2c:, a relation which shows that the form on the left is the product of the two covariants n (ab) ay 2 by 2 and cZ.