Sentence Examples

  • Thus in the case of cyanacetic acid, while the volume V changed by doubling from 16 to 1024 litres, the values of k were 0.00 (37 6, 373, 374, 361, 362, 361, 368).
  • This created a deficit, which they repaired by doubling the duty on inhabited houses.
  • He fell upon a most ingenious plan of doubling the amount of double refraction of a prism by using two prisms of rock-crystal, so cut out of the solid as to give each the same quantity of double refraction, and yet to double the quantity in the effect produced.
  • The square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares on the sides), may have suggested the strictly analogous problem of doubling a cube.
  • The doubling of the sign of Pisces still recalls, according to Sayce, 8 the arrangement of the Babylonian calendar, in which a year of 360 days was supplemented once in six years by a thirteenth month, a second Adar.

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