Sentence Examples

  • A little bird had already sung the good news in my ear; but it was doubly pleasant to have it straight from you.
  • I volunteered no more information, nor did he want it, doubly so now that he might be suspected of having ties to us because of the frequent inquiries he made.
  • Applying this notion to benzene, let us consider the impacts made by the carbon atom (I) which we will assume to be doubly linked to the carbon atom (2) and singly linked to (6), h standing for the hydrogen atom.
  • Na 0 0 Na, Bab, which yield hydrogen peroxide with acids; and (2) the polyoxides, having the oxygen atoms doubly linked to the metallic atom, e.g.
  • Thiele suggested a doctrine of " partial valencies," which assumes that in addition to the ordinary valencies, each doubly linked atom has a partial valency, by which the atom first interacts.

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