Sentence Examples

  • Policyholders may be surprised to discover that they can save a large amount of money on their insurance costs by either switching to a new company, or by calling their current insurance provider and requesting a review of their policy.
  • Because a mobile phone has become just as much a fashion accessory as a functional communication device, more and more people are switching to Spring cell phones to match their more brightly-colored outfits, for example.
  • Another great place to find tax incentives is to use the's Tax Credits, Rebates & Savings page to search for both your state incentives and utility company rebates and savings for switching to solar power.
  • As you move on from the swing dancing basic to things like basic turns and switching hands, the basic step is always a safe step to come back to in order to recover from the more advanced steps inserted into the dance.
  • Switching the bones and killing him in the first place are two different acts—forty years apart.