Sentence Examples

  • The amplitude of the signals can be varied in several ways, either by a shunt across the electromagnet, or by altering the tension of the controlling springs or by altering the air gap between electromagnets and armatures.
  • By means of a " magnetic shunt " Brown succeeded in increasing the working speed of long submarine cables to the extent of To to 15 per cent.
  • The magnetic shunt (which is connected Magnetic across the receiving instrument) consists of a low resist- shunt.
  • The use of the iron core renders it possible to produce a high inductive effect with a low resistance coil.
  • The explanation of the action of the shunt is that all slowly varying currents affect the coil of the receiving instrument and its shunt in inverse proportion to their respective resistances; whereas with the comparatively rapid variations of current used in signalling the coil is forced at the beginning of each element of A v

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