Sentence Examples

  • However, babies who survive the surgery appear to be 33 to 50 percent less likely to have hydrocephalus, a condition that requires surgically implanted tubes or shunts to remove fluid from the ventricles (cavities of the brain).
  • However, more severe IVH can result in hydrocephalus, a potentially fatal condition in which too much fluid collects in the ventricles, exerting increased pressure on the brain and causing the baby's head to expand abnormally.
  • Many children with congenital brain anomalies, such as Chiari I malformation and nearly 50 percent of those affected by hydrocephalus, have normal intellectual functioning, and some have unimpaired physical mobility.
  • Children with a hemorrhagic stroke may be transferred to a center with neurosurgical facilities so the proper treatment, such as decompression or hydrocephalus drainage, can be provided by skilled specialists.
  • Approximately 80-90 percent of children with Chiari malformation Type II also have hydrocephalus, a condition in which one or more of the ventricles becomes enlarged due to an accumulation of CSF.