Sentence Examples

  • She didn't feel him rifling through her thoughts, but she sensed it was what he did.
  • The introduction of rifling necessitated an improvement in sights and an important modification in them.
  • After a certain discount for friction and the recoil of the gun, the net work realized by the powder-gas as the shot advances AM is represented by the area Acpm, and this is equated to the kinetic energy e of the shot, in foot-tons, (I) e d2 I + p, a in which the factor 4(k 2 /d 2)tan 2 S represents the fraction due to the rotation of the shot, of diameter d and axial radius of gyration k, and S represents the angle of the rifling; this factor may be ignored in the subsequent calculations as small, less than I %.
  • Its burrows are sought after in the countries where it abounds, both for capturing the animal and for rifling its store.
  • She smiled and started rifling through the rack of suits.

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