Sentence Examples

  • Successive half-turns about two skew axes a, b are equivalent to a twist about a screw whose axis is the common perpendicular to a, b, the translation being double the shortest distance, and the angle of rotation being twice the acute angle between a, b, in the direction from a to b.
  • It follows that when a body has two degrees Of freedom it can twist about any one of a singly infinite system of screws whose axes lie on a certain cylindroid.
  • The twist effect exhibited by iron under moderate longitudinal magnetization has been called by Knott a positive Wiedemann effect; if the twist were reversed, the other conditions remaining the same, the sign of the Wiedemann effect would be negative.
  • An explanation of the twist has been given by Maxwell (Electricity and Magnetism, § 448).
  • 7 The tube, being of wood, was probably liable to warp and twist in a very uncertain way.

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