Sentence Examples

  • The new warp is allowed to lie fallow during the winter after being laid out in four-yard " lands " and becomes dry enough to be sown with oats and grass and clover seeds in the following spring.
  • The warp is commonly from 36 8 to 44 8, the weft from 36 8 to 54 8, and the threads from 13 X 13 to 20X 20 to the 4 in.
  • The cloth is woven "one end up and two ends down," and as there are more picks of weft per inch than ends of warp the diagonal lines pass from selvage to selvage at an angle of less than 45 degrees.
  • The bottom of the cell is formed by those threads and picks which weave "plain," while the ascending sides of the figure are formed by the gradually increasing length of float of the warp and weft yarns.
  • Indeed, for a definition of that limitless subject which includes all the phenomena that stand the warp and stress of change, one might adapt a famous epitaph - si historiam requiris, circumspice.

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