Sentence Examples

  • By plotting and averaging he obtained the following results: Ex,cess of Deflection and straining Action of a moving Load over that due to a resting Load.
  • Maxwell (Electricity and Magnetism, § 444), recognizing that the theory in this form gave no account of residual magnetization, made the further assumption that if the deflection of the axis of the molecule exceeded a certain angle, the axis would not return to its original position when the deflecting force was removed, but would retain a permanent set.
  • Apart and the suspended fibres near together at the top, the deflection produced by a P.D.
  • Referring to the calculations given above, this is equivalent to 1' deflection for every degree of elevation, which amount had to be given towards the higher wheel.
  • The disadvantages that still remain are that the sight has to be removed every time the gun is fired, and the amount of deflection is limited and has to be put on the reverse way to that on a tangent scale.

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