Sentence Examples

  • But although the crown-green game is of a sporting character, it necessitates the use of bowls of narrow bias and affords but limited scope for the display of skill and science.
  • Every bowl must have a certain amount of bias, which was formerly obtained by loading one side with lead, but is now imparted by the turner making one side more convex than the other, the bulge showing the side of the bias.
  • 3 bias - that is, it should draw about 6 ft.
  • It may be that he has to draw a shot with the utmost nicety to save the end, or even the match, or to lay a cunningly contrived block, or to "fire" - that is, to deliver his bowl almost dead straight at the object, with enough force to kill the bias for the moment.
  • The cause of medical materialism is the natural bias of physicians towards explaining the health and disease of mind by the health and disease of body.

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