Sentence Examples

  • Kinneir, Fraser and other observers speak unfavourably of the Mazandarani people, whom they describe as very ignorant and bigoted, arrogant, rudely inquisitive and almost insolent towards strangers.
  • He was a bigoted Catholic, and showed to the Protestants even less mercy than his father.
  • In Andalusia the downfall of the Almorvides had War with opened the way to the Almohdes, or followers of theAlmothe Mabdi, an even more bigoted religious sect than hades, the other.
  • It draws few students from foreign parts, 2 where the local schools are of the poorest kind, except in India (thanks to a British government) and perhaps in Constantinople., Bokhara was once a chief seat of learning, but is now so sunk in narrow fanaticism that its eighty madrasas (medresses) with their 5000 students only turn out a bigoted and foolish clergy (V5.mbery).
  • „,He was not devoid of good qualities, and took an interest in the material welfare of the country, but he was narrow-minded, ignorant and bigoted; he made the administration more efficient, and reorganized the army which became purged of Carbonarism, and such Carbonarist plots as there were in the 'thirties were not severely punished.