Sentence Examples

  • Of these the narrowest, most puritanical, and most bigoted was the Dopper sect, to which Kruger belonged.
  • In Andalusia the downfall of the Almorvides had War with opened the way to the Almohdes, or followers of theAlmothe Mabdi, an even more bigoted religious sect than hades, the other.
  • He was a bigoted Catholic, and showed to the Protestants even less mercy than his father.
  • „,He was not devoid of good qualities, and took an interest in the material welfare of the country, but he was narrow-minded, ignorant and bigoted; he made the administration more efficient, and reorganized the army which became purged of Carbonarism, and such Carbonarist plots as there were in the 'thirties were not severely punished.
  • This accommodation of truth, by altering the form and substance of it to meet the views and secure the favour of ignorant and bigoted contemporaries, Morgan attributes also to the apostles and to Jesus.