Sentence Examples

  • But periodically he forgot the utter uselessness of arguing with the opinionated old man.
  • I never knew you thought of me as anything but a housekeeper - an opinionated one at that.
  • By writing an opinionated essay, Joe hoped to proselytize his classmates to have better manners.
  • Here as elsewhere in his dominions his intentions were excellent, but his reforming zeal outran discretion, and his hasty and self-opinionated interferences with treaty rights and traditional privileges ended in provoking opposition and disaster.
  • He is described at this period as intellectual, upright and absolutely trustworthy, but obstinate and self-opinionated to the highest degree, arguing with antiquaries about coins, with equerries about horses, and with foreigners about their own countries, always certain that he was right and they wrong, whatever the discussion might be.