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  • In short, if we recall the characteristics of the Church in the Weft from the times of Constantine to those of Theodoric - its reliance upon the civil power for favours and protection, combined with its assumption of a natural superiority over the civil power and its innate tendency to monarchical unity - it becomes clear that Gregory VII.
  • According to the qualities of raw silk used and the throwing operations undergone the principal classes of thrown silk are - (1) " singles," which consist of a single strand of twisted raw silk made up of the filaments of eight to ten cocoons; (2) tram or weft thread, consisting of two or three strands of raw silk not twisted before doubling and only lightly spun (this is soft, flossy and comparatively weak); (3) organzine, the thread used for warps, made from two and rarely three twisted strands spun in the direction contrary to that in which they are separately twisted.
  • Weft Yarns.
  • A warp of silk and weft of some other fibre or weft of silk and a warp of cotton or other fibre.
  • The great bulk of the yarn spun in Great Britain ranges between comparatively narrow limits of count, and such staples as 32' to 36 s twist and 36' to 46' weft in American, 50 9 to 60 s twist and 42' to 62' weft in Egyptian, make up a large part of the total.

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