Sentence Examples

  • See Atto Vannucci, I Martini della libertd italiana (Milan, 1877), and vol.
  • S There is no authentic history for the intervening period; the famous " pergamene d'Arborea," published by P. Martini in 1863 at Cagliari, have been shown to be modern forgeries.
  • In classical literature: Initia doctrinae Solidioris (1736), many subsequent editions; Initia rhetorica (1730); editions, mostly annotated, of Xenophon's Memorabilia (1737), Cicero (1737-1739), Suetonius (1748), Tacitus (1752), the Clouds of Aristophanes (1754), Homer (1759-1764), Callimachus (1761), Polybius (1764), as well as of the Quaestura of Corradus, the Greek lexicon of Hedericus, and the Bibliotheca Latina of Fabricius (unfinished); Archaeologia litteraria (1768), new and improved edition by Martini (1790); HoratiusTursellinus De particulis (1769).
  • David Mehew was superbly denied by Chuck Martini and agonizingly saw his weak shot bobble wide.
  • Apple Car Martini 3cl calvados 3cl triple sec/Cointreau 2cl fresh lemon juice 1cl gomme syrup Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice.

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