Sentence Examples

  • The manufacture of highly ornate firearms, yataghans and other weapons at Scutari, Jakova and Prizren has declined, owing to the importation of modern rifles and revolvers.
  • The national troops were well armed with Remington rifles, provided with abundant ammunition, equipped with artillery and supported by the fleet.
  • But the Transvaal War of 1899-1902, to which Australia sent 6310 volunteers (principally mounted rifles), and the gradual increase of military sentiment, brought the question more to the front, and more and more attention was given to making Australian defence a matter of local concern.
  • The Garibaldians, mowed down by the new French chassept rifles, fought until their last cartridges were exhausted, and retreated the next day towards the Italian frontier, leaving 800 prisoners.
  • Rifles and a supply of ammunition, but found him with 80,000 men too strongly entrenched to be successfully attacked.

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