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  • Brooks [4], who adduces strong evidence for a contrary view, that is to say, for regarding the direct type of development seen in Trachylinae as more primitive, and the metagenesis seen in Leptolinae as a secondary complication introduced into the life-cycle by the acquisition of larval budding.
  • In Trachylinae also the beginnings of a similar metagenesis can be found.
  • It will be seen elsewhere, however, that whatever view may be held as to the origin of metagenesis in Hydromedusae, in the case of Scyphomedusae (q.v.) no other view is possible than that the alternation of generations is the direct result of larval proliferation.
  • - Hydro- medusae with alternation of generations (metagenesis)in which a non-sexual polypgeneration (trophosome) produces by budding a sexual medusa-generation (gonosome).
  • Brooks, " The LifeHistory of the Hydromedusae: a discussion of the Origin of the Medusae, and of the significance of Metagenesis," Mem.

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